Southern Landscape with Fisherman

“Highway” is a diptych with each panel 24×36″. Living in the southern part of the country, I have seen this scene many times where the marsh lands and intracoastal waterways meander through the landscape. A lone fisherman stands at the side of the grasslands as pelicans fly over in this peaceful landscape. Roads and railway bridges keep the traffic moving. This painting would take up 36×50″ on a wall.

Surf’s Up!

Finally completed this large beach painting, “Golden Reflection” is 60×48″ and a great size for a larger wall. The golden highlights shimmer a bit while you walk by it since the golds are metallic paints. This painting is currently available.

Golden Reflection 60x48

Golden Reflection- 60×48″

Golden ref decor

Gold detail8

detail of metallic golds

Golden Reflection detail

impressionistic brushstrokes

Baby Sea Turtles ~ first trek to the sea

“First Plunge Babies”  measures 40x30x1.5″. This is part of a series of sea turtle paintings illustrating these baby sea turtles as they take their first trek to the tide immediately after hatching. Their amazing sense of finding the sea and bravely plunging into the salty water captured in an impressionistic piece.

First Plunge Babies 40x30

First Plunge Babies

First plunge decorFirst Plunge det 40x30

“First Plunge Baby Sea Turtles” is a fun beach painting that measures 36x36x1.5″. As a gallery wrap, no frame is needed. After swimming in the ocean a lot this summer, I have been working on capturing the colors and movements of the tide in an impressionistic style. Being a larger painting, I could physically paint in a similar rhythm of the waves with large fluid strokes. Also I wanted to enhance the color of the water which has more greens.

First Plunge Baby Sea Turtles 36x36

First Plunge Baby Sea Turtles

First Plunge det 36x36


baby turtle decor