Two similar paintings worked on within a few weeks allow for exploration

“Morning at Turtle Bay”  40×30′ was painted in a larger size from a similar painting that I did after visiting St. Kitts earlier in the year. (“Nevis in the Distance” See below). I had taken photos while painting on this idyllic beach. It was a windy day so the sailboats that would have been sailing that day came around the tip of the island to anchor and wait for the wind to die down. The first sailboat still had one sail up still while getting in position. There was a little dock and we swam in the shallow water. Paradise.

Of course on this second painting from my photograph, I changes a few things and tried to make the water reflect less wind in the cove. This painting will go on my wall at home.

Morning at Turtle Bay 40x30tropical decor

Then, after completing the larger 40×30″ scene, I wanted to explore the idea again to learn and be bolder with my new ideas. My husband remarked that he didn’t understand why I painted two of the same painting. I wanted to change the time of day like it was a summer evening with the moon lighting up the sky. I also wanted to try making the colors more brilliant and colorful.   These two new paintings really made me happy while painting it and I am assuming that the happy feeling transcends to whomever purchases the painting.

“Twilight Sail”  40×30″

Twilight Sail 40x30

Escape To The Coast

Nevis in the Distance is 24×30 was done earlier in the year and was my inspiration for the two new larger paintings.

Nevis in DIstance insp

“All You Need” is a smaller landscape 24×20″ and done from the same photos I shot while on that beautiful beach.

All you Need 24x20

“Sand Bank Bay”  24×24 is from a Str Kitts trip two years ago. Sand Bank Bay is on the Atlantic Ocean side of the island and near the most southernly points. Available for purchase.

Sand Bank Bay 24x24

Southern Landscape

“Sunday on the River” is 24×24″

A week ago while teaching seniors to paint, I chose a southern landscape for everyone to paint. I was teaching my students to use their brushes in different ways, scrapping and smooshing at times rather than “brushing” the paint on. Sometimes brushing the paint on with brushstrokes is too harsh so I twist my brush as I am adding the paint on giving a more natural effect. This technique would probably not work at all for portraits or still life paintings. While the paint is wet, try blending and rubbing out any sharp edges.

This painting is available for sale.

Fine Art Photography ~ Blooms from UK

Here are some recent fine art photography of flowers that I shot and altered while in England. The peonies were in bloom, one of my favorite blooms. I added tints and textural effects with some double exposures. These will look great blown up large on metal.

Tryptic of Underwater Sealife

Finally completed this commission that goes up a staircase. Each panel is 36×18″ and I had to figure out how tall the steps were and how many inches between the paintings as well as how far they were staggered. Trying to carry the scene over three panels was very difficult. The coral and seaweed needed to flow onto the next painting so I held the one canvas up 7″ to carry the scene over.

Cummings Underwater trypticCummings Underwater topCummings Underwater middleCummings underwater B 36x18

This was the four piece scene on the top of the collector’s wall that I did 8 years ago or so. I have tweaked all four now to go more with these three new ones, adding more detail and additional cool blues and toning down the orange by adding peaches and pinks. I will get photos next week of the transformation of the ABOVE WATER sequence.

Cummings wall layout sold

New life for beach paintings

Recently, I had second thoughts of whether a few older paintings were completed and decided to tweak them. There is nothing wrong with revisiting an idea and then seeing what may make a piece more interesting or possibly correcting an area that may have been wrong but I hadn’t seen it before. Usually it becomes more of a chore than I thought because fresh ideas come up as I improve a painting.

Cephlapod Joy is 36×36″

Cephlapod Joy 36x36

Rough Seas is 36×24″

Rough Seas 24x36

Sunrise Pipers is 40×30″

Sunrise Pipers 40x30the Seas before

Sea Turtle and Red Coral

“Sea Turtle and Red Coral” was started a month ago and I shared my progress with my students. Even when I wasn’t in class, I took cell photos and emailed the progress to the class with what was done during that particular session. It went through a lot of changes and I still wanted to keep is more abstract and fun with bright colors and a happy expression. This painting is 36×18″ and is available for sale. I am having a summer sale on my paintings so inquire if interested.

Sea Turtle & Red Coral 36x18