Expressionistic Paintings about the Shoreline

After swimming in the ocean and seeing a couple of sea turtle nests, I was inspired to paint these paintings.

Several sold recently at the ART SHOW I had at my studio.


First Plunge Afternoon 40x30

First Plunge Afternoon 40×30″ SOLD

First Plunge Baby 48x36

Baby Sea Turtle 48×36″ available

Sea Turtle First Plunge 36x36

Sea Turtle First Plunge 36″ SOLD

Sea Turtles in the Current 30x30

Sea Turtles in the Current 30″ SOLD

Sea Turtles scurry 36x36

Sea Turtles Scurry 36×36″ SOLD

Paintings that go on a stairwell

This commission was done for a client who wanted some paintings on the wall on their stairwell. I had done this series several years ago but then recently they repainted their home so the colors needed to be updated. Also, since the original paintings were done, they hired me to add 3 additional paintings for the bottom part of the tall staircase. There is a break between the top four paintings and the 3 bottom paintings (underwater scene, see past blog post below). I added a lot more colors to the older four paintings, added clouds and more reflections.

Cummings top of stairsCummings 1Cummings 2Cummings 3Cummings 4Cummings stair paintings

This is the older versions. Making the changes meant that all areas of the painting were affected. Actually nearly painting from scratch…

Cummings wall layout sold