An Artists Studio

My studio space is also my happy place. It is filled with some of my favorite antiques and art books. I have my desk that originally belonged to my grandmother and that I used during high school and college, photos of my sons and family, my great grandmothers sewing basket  table and my old drafting table from when I was a Graphic Designer. There is just enough space for two large easels and all of my art supplies. I have organized them in labeled baskets and bins for easy access. It’s even more special to me since my husband built this studio in the backyard a decade ago. It is 10 x 14 feet with two skylights letting the natural light come in, four windows and a door with window light. I can look outside into my garden and listen to the birds as I paint.
I feel strongly that every artist embeds a bit of themselves into each painting so it’s important to be in a good mood since happy energy shows in the artwork. Music is also a big influence in my painting experience…a little rock, country, opera, indy and reggae add to the atmosphere.
As a full time artist, I paint at least 5 days a week so its important to have a space that is comfortable and inspiring. I am so thankful to have my little “She Shed” art studio. 

Years ago I painted the cracked cement pad in my backyard. Every few years I freshen it up a bit.

Art projects, candles and family pictures add to my visual enjoyment.

How to package paintings for shipping.

As an artist, I have been fortunate to be selling my paintings and shipping them internationally and so, thought I’d pass along tips for safely shipping artwork.

1. Wrap your painting in archival paper or brown craft paper($12) giving extra paper to the edges. I use strong packing tape ($5) to secure.

2. At a hardware store like Home Depot that doesn’t mind cutting boards complementary, I have 1/8 inch temperament hard wood ($11) cut to the size of the painting or slightly larger. Then I put the hardwood over the wrapped painting on the canvas side facing the wood. This protects your painting from any dents made in shipping.

3. Then, I get the larger bubble wrap ($12) and do at least two or three layers of bubblewrap around the board with the art in it. I secure it with heavy duty wrapping tape.

4. If the painting is large, I use cardboard or foam corners that are made just for mirrors and artwork and put those corners on before I put the bubblewrap around.

5. I usually save boxes from when I purchased canvas but I also find them at Home Depot ($23) and U-Haul as mirror or large TV boxes. The large TV boxes come as two boxes together that slide in for extra support and also come with the foam corners and a barrier bag. When shipping overseas, I even add a moisture bag and an additional wood sheet. For larger boxes, secure the outside box with rope and make handles of rope for the courier ( my days as a sailor and learning to tie knots have paid off).

I hope this helps. Since I’ve been packing this way, I have had no damage to my artwork.

Vacationing in the English countryside

Happy news!!! our newest grand son was born 15 months ago to our daughter and son in law who is British. They live in the west midlands and have a dog kennel and cattery business. There were 125 dogs in equal amount of cats in the kennels. Plus they own two great Danes and a chocolate lab so we heard some barking occasionally.

The brick manor from late 1800s

and the brick kennels next to the field.

St Marys Cathedral in Warwick

Lunch at an old mill that was turned into a restaurant near Warwick.

This is Bones. He is 185 pounds of joy.

Art Show with charity in mind

Standfast Asset Management in Ponte Vedra asked me to hang a show in their office with a champagne reception opening. I will be donating a portion of any sale for this show to the new project of getting an aquarium built in downtown Jacksonville.

Of course, before the show I did some new pieces relating to underwater and Ocean themed paintings. We had a great crowd at the opening and met a lot of nice folks who are trying to get the Aquarium project off the ground. You can contact them for more information. The paintings will be up until the end of the month.


This has been a successful week as I finished one of the commissions that I have been working on and sold four original paintings. The top two are being shipped to London on Friday. I will post my tips on shipping paintings soon.

Welcome to my studio! decade ago my sweet husband built an art studio for me in the back yard. It has air conditioning, wood floors, windows and two skylights. (Actually it is raining right now and I realized one of the skylights has a leak. Always something huh?)

It has become my favorite place to be. It is 14 x 10 feet which has room for two large easels and all of my paints and gear. While painting and listening to music, I find myself smiling. Say “happy place”!