Palms and Waterway Painting

“Palm Reflections with Bridge” was painted to reflect a scene form a boat on the Intracoastal Waterway in Jacksonville. It is 48×24″ and would look great in a living room with taller ceilings. I had done a series of a half dozen similar paintings in the series “Palm Reflections”. Most were more abstract and I wanted this one to bear more reflections and details.

Palm Reflections w Bridge48x24_1

This is a decor idea.

palm ref painting

Details: As you can see, the brush strokes are deliberate and gestural.

Palm Reflections detailPalm Reflections det

Sunset on Water

I have been working on several paintings and making changes to reflect what I have learned of light hitting objects and water. Sometimes, paintings get worked on off and on for years and sometimes, it all comes together rather quickly in days. Impressionistic stylings and expressions take much more experience to create strokes that are deliberate and solid. As an artist, I have been exploring my own style that is constantly changing and being refined.

“Bodysurfing at Sunset” is 36×24″ and is available.

Bodysurfing at Sunset 36x24bodysurf decorBodysurfing at Sunset detail


“Paddling Out at Sunset” is a smaller piece. 30×25″

Paddling Out Sunset 30x15Paddling decorPaddling Out Sunset detail

“Saturday Morning” is 36×18″ and reflects a coastal scene with sailboats along the shore.

Saturday Morning 36x18Saturday decorSaturday Morning footprints

Siren and Coral Reef

This mermaid painting was started nearly 2 months ago and I have been working on it off and on. Finally last week, I made some progress and reached a place where she spoke ” Here I am”.  When first I started sketching in her face, it was too large for her body so several days of alterations and adding fish and elements was necessary. I liked the areas of very little detail mixed with smaller areas of detail. Its still soft and semi impressionistic.

“Siren Lounge” is 40x30x1.5″ and is available at this time.

Siren Lounge 40x30

Decor idea

siren decor

Face detail

Siren facesiren signature


Calm Ocean Scene

“Serenity” is a very calm, muted painting that would go great in a home with beach decor. It is 36x36x1.5″ gallery wrap and needs no frame. I spend a lot of time watching the waves roll in. I attached one of my photos as reference.

Serenity b 36x36_1

Escape To The CoastRainbow tide

Smaller Tropical Painting

“Having Lunch in the Cabana” is 30×15″ and a nice size for many areas of a home. This original acrylic painting on canvas was made up form memories of my trips to the West Indies. There is something challenging and yet freeing to work form memories alone.

Lunch in the Cabana 30x15

detailLunch in the Cabana detailLunch painting

Abstract Painting finally finished

I started and stopped on this water reflections painting many years ago. It went through many alterations and changes. I would think it was done and set it aside. Then the next year I would revisit it and do some tweaks. Abstract art is much harder than it looks.

Artwork sometimes is an evolution in stages. I encourage you to get re-inspired on older paintings to rethink a direction or texture or coloring. This one is finally finished and I am happy about it. Many many layers of its history lay buried under the paint but still peak out.

“Reflections Dancing on Water” is 40×30″

Reflections Dancing on Water 30x40

detailsReflections Ddetails

decor idea

Reflections decorReflections detail

Another Island Painting inspired by St. Kitts

While visiting Kate Spencer’s beautiful plantation home on the north end of St. Kitts, I took many photos. When I returned, I did numerous paintings from my photographic references. Using creative license to add elements; like the objects on the kitchen table, St Barts and a sailboat in the distance.  This is part of the Island Bar series and just completed. I wanted to continue the rustic, impressionistic style as the others in this series. They made me so happy painting so free and whimsical.

“Island Kitchen” is 24×36″. Imagine it on your wall? Bring a little of the islands…

Island Kitchen 36x24aIsland Kitchen bottleLeather living room

This is my photo reference:

Island kitchen inspiration


“Flamingo Gossip” is 24×36″ inspired by photos I took at the San Diego Zoo in January. They are such odd tropical birds that somehow look humorous.

Flamingo Gossip 36x24flamingo gossip decorFlamingo Gossip detail

My photo inspiration

San Diego 2018

Sailing painting

You may have noticed my affinity to sailing in many of my paintings. Its because I grew up sailing along the coast of California. My family owned the Branta, a historic 60 foot ten meter classic sailing yacht. Built in 1924 in Germany and still is in racing shape. My brother keeps it at the San Diego Yacht Club. We had a large red and white stripped spinnaker for racing downwind.

“Spinnakers Downwind” is 48×36″ painting with lots of texture. It is gestural and  expressionistic yet gave me the feeling of those end of the day races. It is available for sail. (sale).

Spinnakers Downwind 36x48living roomSpinnakers Downwind detail


Some old photos:10meters_1205-5.jpg