Photo illustrations from the St Kitts trip

As I have been still inspired by the beauty of the tropical island of St. Kitts for weeks, I went over a few of my photos and enhanced them to reflect the stunning colors. Some of these did not require a lot of enhancements and some I went a bit wild. I usually use Photoshop and a few additional filters to achieve the effects you see here. Also I do like to add borders on some. Printed on archival art papers makes for a stunning display. Enjoy!

Camping on Dutton Island

Last weekend we went camping on our local Dutton Island in Atlantic Beach. The weather was perfect and the bugs were only bothersome at dusk (when we were eating of course). We hiked around and some friends kayaked. A big bon fire at night and guitar strumming make the evening more magical.  There were about 7 or 8 tents in our group, same amount of dogs. I had forgotten that we have all this beauty in our back yard.

Prints available on demand.

Blissful Beach in North Florida

I love Jacksonville beaches and rivers. The intracoastal waterway also runs through this river city. Water Water everywhere. I live on the island which has 4 small townships. Neptune Beach is where I live. we have our own mayor, fire department, utilities, parks and quaint little shops and restaurants. Growing up in California, I find Neptune Beach much nicer because of the low key attitude and lack of traffic.The only thing I do not enjoy is the humidity and bugs. When I travel back to California to visit family (my two kids actually moved there too), I am frustrated by how much traffic and people have changed it. Real estate is still affordable here in the Jacksonville area even though its a huge city. Come visit this gem.

(Prints of my images are available upon demand.)