Baby Sea Turtle swims in the shallow water

Baby Turtle in Shallows 24x36

“Baby Sea Turtle in Shallows” is 24×36″ gallery wrap. I had been working on this for a week and then saw the fabulous film “Loving Vincent”, an animated movie about Vincent Van Gogh’s life. The brush strokes and colors were so inspirational that I do believe that there is a Van Gogh influence. Impressionistic with many layers of turtle living room

Painting of family historical sailboat

“Meter Yacht by Island” is 24×36″ and was inspired by old photos of my family sailboat. I spent most of my childhood sailing with my family and racing along the coast of California.

Most of the top sky and bottom of the painting is metallic gold (many layers) and I really like how the golds change reflections as you walk around it. Again, it is a gallery wrap, ready to hang.

Meter Yacht by Island 24x36

(Please pass this post on to friends who have a sailing past.)

Instead of an Aquarium…

“Festive Reef” is 36×36″ new original painting that was inspired by the recent mermaid painting that I sold. It had some very colorful reef corals and seaweed. Being 36×36″ is larger than most mantles can hold but for homes with higher ceilings, this is a good place to display. Also dens and dining rooms would be enhanced by this fun scene. It is a gallery wrap so doesn’t need a frame…a more modern look.

Festive Reef 36x36



Hand Painted Glassware~ new designs

Over the holidays, I sell a lot of hand painted glassware. They make lovely gifts and are affordable ($10-20.)

They take a good week to do a set because the vitrea and porcelaine glass paints dry out quickly in the bottles and drip. You have to let each layer dry. These I started with a Martha Stewart frost paint which added a gorgeous sheen. Then painting the translucent vitrea paints really take on a glow. After they are completed, I fire them in my oven at 320 degrees for 40 minutes. Glasses can be hand washed and paint is permanent.

wave wine novoil bottles fishFish Design glasswareFish champagne flutes