Mermaid Painting altered

” Siren Lounge” is an original painting that I totally made up so originally I did not have the structure correct when I painted it early in the year so I went back and put clear gesso over the areas that I wanted to correct, let that dry for a day and then repainted the areas I needed to correct. Her face is different as well as hair. I made her right arm longer, her waist smaller and her thigh area several inches shorter. Added fish and oh my goodness,…realized that the starfish had 6 lags instead of five.

The new “Siren Lounge” is available for sale and prints. The original is 40×30″.

Siren Lounge orig40x30 .jpg

Siren Lounge 40x30Face mermaidsignature


New small flamingo paintings

I had purchased some 10×20″ canvases and though of smaller accent paintings with a tropical flair. The first two have a glaze of raw umber with glazing medium. After the painting is done, I brushed this brown glaze over the entire painting then before it dried, I brushed and wiped areas off before doing the last minute details with heavy accents.

These sell for 325.00 retail but for the month of August, they are on sale for $225. Contact me if you are interested.

Flamingo aged 20x10Flamingo in pond20x10Flamingo One Leg 20x10Flamingo Strut 20x10

Tide with Baby Sea Turtle

Recently sold this 36×24″ painting called ” Baby Sea Turtle in Shallows” to an art collector in Oregon. It was purchased through my Saatchi Art site. Saatchi is an online art gallery based in the UK and promotes worldwide. Its been a great site for me and I have new followers and collectors around the world. I have shipped paintings to Germany, England, France, Australia, St Croix and all over the United States. They take 35% of the sale which is better than the art galleries (50%). Think of this. When you purchase a painting from a gallery, only 50% goes to the artist. And from that the artist has expensive paint and supplies invested. On the other hand, a gallery or online gallery does support the artist, gives them exposure by advertising and doing the sales part so they should take a commission. Its hard enough concentrating on doing the art and adding the marketing and sales on top is frankly overwhelming. I am grateful for their help in getting my work exposure.

Baby Turtle in Shallows 24x36 sold

New mermaid painting with a darker palette

“Twilight” is a 24×48″ original that I started two weeks ago and was certainly a challenge. I made her up so there were numerous areas that got corrected as I worked out the scene. I wanted her to be in the shadows with just light hitting some areas of her body.  I start with painting the white gallery wrap canvas with black gesso and then go from dark to light.

Another issue I deal with is covering her breasts. My feeling is that mermaids who dwell under the sea do not wear bras but I have found that covering them slightly is more appealing to collectors.

Twilight 48x24

Ocean paintings with texture

Morning Surf is 36×24″ and has a lot of modeling plaster, heavy paint and layers of thin glazes mixed with acrylic glazing medium. I wanted to keep this rather abstract.

Morning Surf 36x24

Breaking Onshore is 24×24″ and has a bit less texture. This painting went through many stages and the underpainting was so abstract with some fresh blues and shapes that were pretty simple. I actually loved that stage and told myself to leave it alone. But no! I started messing with it and pretty soon it was more realistic with a lot more details and glazes. Still some simplicity remains.

Breaking Onshore 24

“From the Shore” Sailing around the islands is a larger piece 48×36″. I was bodysurfing an noticed the colors of the water being an olive green with the top of the water reflecting the sky blues. Originally it was just the waves at a low angle. Then I decided to add some islands in the distance with sailboats. Making up a scene from an original inspiration is challenging.

All of these paintings are affordable so if you know anyone interested, have them contact me. Thanks.

From the Shore- Sailing Around Island48x36

Paintings for friends

Life always seems to have its share of tragedies and joys. After the wonderful trip to England getting to know the new baby, I came home to one of my best girlfriends from high school passed. She and her husband were planning on visiting us in October from San Diego. I knew she was having brain surgery and was scared but I thought she would be fine. Shelly was a true creative soul with an abundant free spirit so I painted the surf with a butterfly to give to her husband and 5 daughters….heartbroken.

The seahorse painting is for a friend whose son has to have serious stomach surgery. Seahorses do not have a stomach evidently and my friend is now collecting seahorse artworks.

Gailo's Seahorse 10x20Shellys Butterfly

The English Countryside

Our kids own a lively kennel business in a little town in Hagley in the West Midlands. They can board 120 dogs and live in the old English manor. They have several acres and a lovely staff that comes daily to take care of all the animals. Emily and Matt work very hard to have this amazing life in the country.



We took several trips to Worcester, Ludlow and a Safari.

IMG_E6329worcester insideIMG_E6316worcester tints

They have three dogs of their own besides the kennels. Two 185 lb great danes and one chocolate lab. Bones, Chili and Java. I did a portrait for them of Bones.

dogsWest Midlands, England; Cole 2 months

Since the 2 month grandson, Cole slept a lot, I had time to paint paintings for his room. The turtle one is 48×24 and the one with the octopus and shark is 40×40″.

West Midlands, England; Cole 2 monthsCole paintings b

Spring in England

My husband Nelson and I spent three weeks with our daughter, her husband and new baby boy. It was an amazing vacation centered around the new grandson but I made time to photograph my surroundings. Since it was Spring, everywhere were beautiful gardens, parks and flowers blooming everywhere. My favorite flowers include peonies which have a short growing season so I was f=so lucky to be there for the first and last blooms.

Limited Edition prints of 25 are available on demand of these photographs. Some as you can see are tinted and manipulated. Let me know if interested. They would be stunning printed large on a wall.

flowers blackDLCXE7252IMG_E6451peonies