Window to Tropical Island

“Island Bar” is 36x36x1.5 gallery wrap. With the funky dry brush technique and rough edges, I found this painting really fun. Adding the flowers, wine, sailboats and palms really showed the highlights of the beauty of the islands. This large painting is available and would look great on your wall. Contact me for more information or share this post to someone whom may enjoy it.

Island Bar 36x36island Bar decorIsland Bar orchidIsland Bar s bottleIsland Bar signIsland b prog

Paintings that were completed since returning from the Artist Retreat

After returning from the wonderful week in St. Kitts, it took over two weeks to design a coffee table book of the journey. The last post had a slideshow of the final book design.

Then last weekend I finally was able to get into my studio to paint. I was still highly inspired form working with the thousand photos I shot. A few in particular I had set up with a painting in mind for later so I have been now printing my photos and painting from them. This one is a view from Kate Spencer’s kitchen window, on her plantation on the north end of the island.

Below are my references and some photos of the progression of how I mapped out and worked on the various layers. Starting with a brush and a mixture of raw umber,  burnt sienna and glazing medium…I painted the entire surface of the white canvas. I used creative license to change my layout before I started.

For more information on this painting, go to my website:

Kitchen Table view inspKitchen Window progress