Watercolor Workshop in South Carolina

A week ago I returned from a glorious workshop in Kiawah Island in South Carolina. Not only was it absolutely gorgeous staying in a historic plantation home (the Vanderhorst Plantation rebuilt after the Revolutionary War in1802), the 13 women artists made every day warm and happy. Our teacher was Robbie Laird from California who happens to be the President of the prestigious National Watercolor Society. She was such a great teacher and as this was my first time learning about watercolors, she taught techniques that were quite advanced…which I prefer. Some days we tried new effects with hands on guidance. Many of my attempts were fails but I did have a couple paintings that I am proud of. My son came in from California the day I returned so I have not had a chance all week to practice what I learned. However, I took notes and also shot a few videos while Robbie was lecturing.

Classes started at 9:30 am and ended around 4 or 4:30.  Then we enjoyed the comraderie of fellow artists and ate delicious southern foods prepared by Donna Kay from Charelston.


The 4 story manor was so beautiful. It was restored from a haunted house in 1994 by the Darby family. Antiques and lovely southern charm decor graced the home.


Here are some of my watercolors:

Suwannee River Reflectionwc paintings