Revisiting an older painting and changing style

“Fifteenth Street Access” is 24×24′ gallery wrap that I painted a year ago. For some reason, I had the urge to change it…

This is the original:Fiftheenth Street Access 24x24b

This is the revised: Broader strokes and more color!! I find the result more interesting as a painting and shows more emotion.

Fifteenth Street Access 24x24detail of Beach

First Plunge for a Baby Sea Turtle

“First Plunge Baby VI” is a new 36″ square heavy gallery wrap, ready to hang. I am intrigued by how as soon as they hatch, the little sea turtles climb out of a mound of sand and instinctively make their way to the surf. Such brave little ones. I have been exploring making my brush strokes more impressionistic but deliberate.

first plunge baby vi 36x36

Beach Landscape with Soft Abstract Sections

“Spring Surf” is a larger 48×36″x 1.5 gallery wrap. My intent for this painting was to have a central cameo of the surf which faded away to soft pastels and ivory.

It started with painting with flexible modeling paste and a palette knife. Then I made a glaze of raw umber and covered the dried plasters, making surf the details of the plaster were enhanced with the 3D textures. Then I made up a jar of unbleached titanium white, zinc white and very light blues and painted over the dried brown undertones.

This painting is available and would look great with your beach decor.

Spring Surf 48x36Spring Surf detailspring t detail

Surf’s Up!

Finally completed this large beach painting, “Golden Reflection” is 60×48″ and a great size for a larger wall. The golden highlights shimmer a bit while you walk by it since the golds are metallic paints. This painting is currently available.

Golden Reflection 60x48

Golden Reflection- 60×48″

Golden ref decor

Gold detail8

detail of metallic golds

Golden Reflection detail

impressionistic brushstrokes

Baby Sea Turtles ~ first trek to the sea

“First Plunge Babies”  measures 40x30x1.5″. This is part of a series of sea turtle paintings illustrating these baby sea turtles as they take their first trek to the tide immediately after hatching. Their amazing sense of finding the sea and bravely plunging into the salty water captured in an impressionistic piece.

First Plunge Babies 40x30

First Plunge Babies

First plunge decorFirst Plunge det 40x30

“First Plunge Baby Sea Turtles” is a fun beach painting that measures 36x36x1.5″. As a gallery wrap, no frame is needed. After swimming in the ocean a lot this summer, I have been working on capturing the colors and movements of the tide in an impressionistic style. Being a larger painting, I could physically paint in a similar rhythm of the waves with large fluid strokes. Also I wanted to enhance the color of the water which has more greens.

First Plunge Baby Sea Turtles 36x36

First Plunge Baby Sea Turtles

First Plunge det 36x36


baby turtle decor

Sandpiper painting for beach decor

“Little Rebel III” is part of the Little Rebel sandpiper paintings. I have always been independent in nature so I relate to this message of the series.  I remember my mom getting frustrated with me because I wanted to figure things out on my own.

Always one little piper going in the opposite direction. This original is 30×40″ and is available for purchase. It would be perfect in a beach themed home.

Little Rebel III 30x40Little reb detail2

Beach Landscape sold to a collector moving to Virginia

“Waves at Dusk” was recently sold through Archway Gallery in Atlantic Beach. The couple will be moving from the beaches to Virginia and are taking a bit of the local beach with them. I usually ask that a collector send me a photo of my work on the wall so I can see how it looks with their furniture and decor but since it was sold through a gallery, I won’t get to see it on their wall. The painting was 36×24″ gallery wrap but they will be framing it.

Waves at Dusk 36x24