Father’s Day Sale Event

My father has been gone for two decades now and his birthday is this month. I have been thinking about him a lot and wanted to do something special in his honor. He loved sailing and being on islands. SO for weeks, I created a new series of “RETIREMENT” paintings.

How many times have you heard “When I retire I want to live on an island and do nothing” So I created these 20×10″ paintings to celebrate that idea.

Also check out the special prices: These were 295. but until the end of the month, I have reduced them to $165.   I can ship but if you are local, you can pick one up for your husband or dad at the Atlantic Beach Arts Market in Atlantic Beach, FLPlus all of my work is 20% off originals and also for prints and decor items from my website; http://www.linda-olsen.pixels.com. Coupon code on check out: SUYFYR


Fathers day code

Ocean sail painting is more about the ocean than the sailboats

“Ocean Sail” is a large 48×36″ standard gallery wrap completed. I would recommend a frame on this work because of the size and the thinner stretched canvas.

As it is summer, I have been drawn to the ocean and try to swim at least a couple times a week. While emersing myself in the salty water, I notice the colors and reflections of the water. The light blues are really only on the surface of the water reflecting off the clouds and sky. The gaff rigged sailboat sail toward the mainland in the distance.

Ocean Sail 48x36

The last couple years, I have painted many ocean scenes as I work out how to make water look like the liquid it is. Repetitive subject matter is not a bad thing. The more I work out my ideas, the closer I get to the feeling I am trying to express.

Ocean wave decor

Tropical Landscape commission completed.

hopetown paradise 48x36This commission took a lot more time in the studio because of the size and also the client’s directives. Originally, they wanted an “Abstract Expression” of their favorite place in the Abacos, Hopetown. They sent various photos of the famous lighthouse and their navy blue yacht and instructed me to use lots of texture and bright colors. Abstract is an odd term and I had to explain to them that if they wanted the lighthouse and boat and all the elements of a LANDSCAPE, it would be far less “abstract”. My brush strokes were quite loose and bold, mixing palette knife and large brushes, mixing custom colors to go with their rug in the room that they will hang this painting in, adding more texture and complimentary colors, enhancing the sunrise…etc. I finally went with my style of expressionistic painting to complete the landscape.


“Hopetown Paradise” is 48×36″



Photos sent by customer as reference: ( I also used some of my photography from several trips that I took a decade ago. I have actually been to Hopetown three times to shoot weddings. Such a cool island.)


Sailing painting

You may have noticed my affinity to sailing in many of my paintings. Its because I grew up sailing along the coast of California. My family owned the Branta, a historic 60 foot ten meter classic sailing yacht. Built in 1924 in Germany and still is in racing shape. My brother keeps it at the San Diego Yacht Club. We had a large red and white stripped spinnaker for racing downwind.

“Spinnakers Downwind” is 48×36″ painting with lots of texture. It is gestural and  expressionistic yet gave me the feeling of those end of the day races. It is available for sail. (sale).

Spinnakers Downwind 36x48living roomSpinnakers Downwind detail


Some old photos:10meters_1205-5.jpg

Tweaking older paintings

“Along the Shore” 40×30″ was originally done a couple years ago. After a couple more years of painting experience under my belt, I see things in my work that need improvements. Because my paintings are varnished, I cannot just paint over them unless I put a clear gesso on first. Wait a day to dry and you will notice a rather rough feeling on the surface. This allows you to revise any areas yet still keep the areas you like. After its revised, I varnish again.

Along the shore decorsAlong the Shore detail

Along the Shore B 30x40

This is the older painting for comparison. I do like the changes. Thoughts?

Along the Shore original

Turtle Bay was so inspiring

Turtle Bay is on the very southern tip of the island of St. Kitts. We were cordially invited to spend the day painting at a new friend’s home on the beach. The island of Nevis is visible in the distance. We swam and enjoyed some rum punches with the family and painted all day. The day got quite windy and the sailboats started coming around the island to anchor. The first boat still had one sail up while they anchored so I took some photos for reference that day. SO glad I did because I really liked the composition.

Again I started with a mixture of browns to sketch in the scene with brushed washes. When that dried, I was able to add some other tints for the basis of the design. I also added the little dock that was just outside of the shot but on other photographs.

In my work, I am trying to explore the feelings I have from an experience and inspiration so adding bright colors and more abstract tendencies work well. My paintings are more in the category of impressionism/expressionism.

Painting is available and would look great with beach decor.

Nevis in DIstance inspNevis in distance progression

Tropical Islands on my mind

This next weekend I will be traveling with some artist friends to the beautiful island of St. Kitts in the West Indies. We plan on painting plein air daily, enjoying the island and its residents. Last year we had so much fun and produced many fun tropical paintings.

Last week, I started a grouping of rather small paintings 12×24 and 10×20″ with a base of modeling plaster. I then added heavy strokes of acrylic paints with brushes and palette knives. The quick light strokes brushing over the raised plaster is actually fun. Try it!!

Since these little landscapes were made up from memories, I had the freedom to invent and imagine.

Playing with Dry Brush Techniques

Possibly I mentioned that I have been teaching seniors painting at our town’s local Senior Activity Center for over 15 years. In November we did some projects and lessons with various painting techniques. These are from the lesson on dry brush….and started with raw umber gessoed canvas. Most of the brush strokes were done with a ragged dry brush and acrylics. The sailboat one is 18×24″ and is called “Sailing Close to the Shore” The shell painting is 20×20″. These are rather small canvases (for me) and are quite affordable. I like the abstract qualities and sorbet colors.

Sailing on my mind

The Old photos below are from my history as a sailor. The old wooden boat that my family had since I was around 9 years old made a huge impact on my love for the sea. In November and December, I concentrated on putting my memories on canvas from a few old slides I found. Adding Catalina Island and my impressionistic stylings…

The three paintings from the old photo of the boats from the mountain and the coves at Catalina were started and slightly influenced by Van Gogh’s work. I had seen the movie “Loving Vincent” and was very inspired. If you have the opportunity to see this movie, do. They sell copies on Amazon. Adding the energy and colors of the sunrise was a challenge.


Painting of family historical sailboat

“Meter Yacht by Island” is 24×36″ and was inspired by old photos of my family sailboat. I spent most of my childhood sailing with my family and racing along the coast of California.

Most of the top sky and bottom of the painting is metallic gold (many layers) and I really like how the golds change reflections as you walk around it. Again, it is a gallery wrap, ready to hang.

Meter Yacht by Island 24x36

(Please pass this post on to friends who have a sailing past.)