Sailing is one of my favorite subjects for paintings~ from my past as a sailor

As a child and into my adulthood, I spent a lot of time with my family, sailing up and down the coast of California. My large family (8 kids) learned to sail, race, explore and play on the various islands off the coast and get very close to nature. We had an old wooden boat that was one of the few 10 meter cutters left in the world. It was built in 1926 in Germany. Teak decks, varnish, a lot of sail area like the 12 meters and very fast. It was a wonderful salty life.

Recently I sketched with scene from memories of the races. “Afternoon Winds” is 30×40″ and most of theĀ  sky and water is several layers of metallic golds. It is quite stunning in person because light makes the golds shine.

Afternoon Winds 30x40

Here are some additional sailing paintings: And a photo of the family yacht.