Artist Retreat in Saint Kitts was Inspiring

I just returned from an amazing artist retreat with 3 other women artists. Not only was it amazingly gorgeous, I learned a lot from working with other painters and we were able to offer helpful critique. Everyday, Beth Haizlip, Debbie Pounders, Julie Garcia and I would get up early and set up on a different part of the island. Painted all day and then enjoyed the people and beauty of the island.

The first day, we painted at an iconic hot spot; bar, snorkel and restaurant which happened to be its last day in existence since a large hotel is slated to be built. Setting up to paint plein aire is so difficult with the breeze and people milling about. My easel blew down a few times. The first photo here is of a woman and I at the gallery where she purchased my painting of that day. She had watched me paint two days before and dreamed of owning it. SO honored!!

Other locations during the week included spending the day up in the hills at a Batik manufacturing and tourist attraction. Too many looker-ons for me. But it was really pretty. Then one day we went up to a sugar cane plantation on the northern end of the island where the famous painter graciously allowed us in her home to paint. Everything was so inspiring and beautiful that it took me an hour to get my jaw off the ground before I could even set up. Kate Spencer is amazing.

More later… got to go paint with my Artistic Chicks club.