Two similar paintings worked on within a few weeks allow for exploration

“Morning at Turtle Bay”  40×30′ was painted in a larger size from a similar painting that I did after visiting St. Kitts earlier in the year. (“Nevis in the Distance” See below). I had taken photos while painting on this idyllic beach. It was a windy day so the sailboats that would have been sailing that day came around the tip of the island to anchor and wait for the wind to die down. The first sailboat still had one sail up still while getting in position. There was a little dock and we swam in the shallow water. Paradise.

Of course on this second painting from my photograph, I changes a few things and tried to make the water reflect less wind in the cove. This painting will go on my wall at home.

Morning at Turtle Bay 40x30tropical decor

Then, after completing the larger 40×30″ scene, I wanted to explore the idea again to learn and be bolder with my new ideas. My husband remarked that he didn’t understand why I painted two of the same painting. I wanted to change the time of day like it was a summer evening with the moon lighting up the sky. I also wanted to try making the colors more brilliant and colorful.   These two new paintings really made me happy while painting it and I am assuming that the happy feeling transcends to whomever purchases the painting.

“Twilight Sail”  40×30″

Twilight Sail 40x30

Escape To The Coast

Nevis in the Distance is 24×30 was done earlier in the year and was my inspiration for the two new larger paintings.

Nevis in DIstance insp

“All You Need” is a smaller landscape 24×20″ and done from the same photos I shot while on that beautiful beach.

All you Need 24x20

“Sand Bank Bay”  24×24 is from a Str Kitts trip two years ago. Sand Bank Bay is on the Atlantic Ocean side of the island and near the most southernly points. Available for purchase.

Sand Bank Bay 24x24

Smaller Tropical Painting

“Having Lunch in the Cabana” is 30×15″ and a nice size for many areas of a home. This original acrylic painting on canvas was made up form memories of my trips to the West Indies. There is something challenging and yet freeing to work form memories alone.

Lunch in the Cabana 30x15

detailLunch in the Cabana detailLunch painting

Making up a landscape from experiences

“Party Til Dawn” was made up form several trips I went on this year. Camping with friends and having a giant bonfire, visiting family in San Diego and Santa Cruz (hence the pier and distant coastline), Palms and Sailboat from St. Kitts. The people are out partying still as the sun comes up and people are walking their dogs. Sometimes just drawing from your memories is fun and offers many opportunities to add and change things up. This painting is 48×24″.

Party Til Dawn 48x24

Details and painting progression


Party Til Dawn det


Party Til Dawn fireParty til prog

Tropical Island Inspirations

While in St. Kitts, I sat on the beach in Turtle Bay watching the paradise all around me. The island of Nevis is in the distance, a sailboat coming into the bay, cocoanuts on a palm, a surfboard on the beach with a fishing dock….What more could you need in life?

I call this “All You Need”. 24×20″

All you Need 24x20IMG_4821

A little brighter

“Island Bar Blue Shutters” is 24x36x1.5 gallery wrap. Sometimes when doing a series, I find myself exploring additional techniques, experimenting with colors and glazes and working out issues from the past paintings in the series. This one I explored making all of the colors a bit more vibrant and actually not finishing details as much. I wanted deliberate brush strokes to be evident and not overworking an idea.

Island Bar Blue 24x36Island Bar Blue decorIsland Bar Blue detIsl bar Blue shutters prog

Window to Tropical Island

“Island Bar” is 36x36x1.5 gallery wrap. With the funky dry brush technique and rough edges, I found this painting really fun. Adding the flowers, wine, sailboats and palms really showed the highlights of the beauty of the islands. This large painting is available and would look great on your wall. Contact me for more information or share this post to someone whom may enjoy it.

Island Bar 36x36island Bar decorIsland Bar orchidIsland Bar s bottleIsland Bar signIsland b prog

Turtle Bay was so inspiring

Turtle Bay is on the very southern tip of the island of St. Kitts. We were cordially invited to spend the day painting at a new friend’s home on the beach. The island of Nevis is visible in the distance. We swam and enjoyed some rum punches with the family and painted all day. The day got quite windy and the sailboats started coming around the island to anchor. The first boat still had one sail up while they anchored so I took some photos for reference that day. SO glad I did because I really liked the composition.

Again I started with a mixture of browns to sketch in the scene with brushed washes. When that dried, I was able to add some other tints for the basis of the design. I also added the little dock that was just outside of the shot but on other photographs.

In my work, I am trying to explore the feelings I have from an experience and inspiration so adding bright colors and more abstract tendencies work well. My paintings are more in the category of impressionism/expressionism.

Painting is available and would look great with beach decor.

Nevis in DIstance inspNevis in distance progression

Tropical Islands on my mind

This next weekend I will be traveling with some artist friends to the beautiful island of St. Kitts in the West Indies. We plan on painting plein air daily, enjoying the island and its residents. Last year we had so much fun and produced many fun tropical paintings.

Last week, I started a grouping of rather small paintings 12×24 and 10×20″ with a base of modeling plaster. I then added heavy strokes of acrylic paints with brushes and palette knives. The quick light strokes brushing over the raised plaster is actually fun. Try it!!

Since these little landscapes were made up from memories, I had the freedom to invent and imagine.

Sea Turtles are one of my favorite themes for original paintings.

“Sea Turtles in the Current” is 36×36″ highly texture, palette knife painting that I started several years ago. 2018 arrived and I was determined to finish it. Working this abstractly really forces me to apply paint in a very concise way.  Metallic golds peek out from the heavy paint strokes

Sea Turtles in the Current 30x30

Some of the areas in the painting have gold metallic touches and plaster dimensional knife strokes.


turtle detail gold