Another Island Painting inspired by St. Kitts

While visiting Kate Spencer’s beautiful plantation home on the north end of St. Kitts, I took many photos. When I returned, I did numerous paintings from my photographic references. Using creative license to add elements; like the objects on the kitchen table, St Barts and a sailboat in the distance.  This is part of the Island Bar series and just completed. I wanted to continue the rustic, impressionistic style as the others in this series. They made me so happy painting so free and whimsical.

“Island Kitchen” is 24×36″. Imagine it on your wall? Bring a little of the islands…

Island Kitchen 36x24aIsland Kitchen bottleLeather living room

This is my photo reference:

Island kitchen inspiration

New Island Art Series- featuring window views

“Island Bar Coral” is the first of three Island Bar painting inspired by photos I took while in St. Kitts. The tropical breezes blow through the rooms in most homes and businesses, keeping them cool. My thoughts were to be outside of a bar or kitchen looking through another window and the beautiful island landscape and palms beyond.

What happened to me as an artist was that during the couple of weeks doing this series, I found myself HAPPY. Music was playing and a bit of dancing in my studio…I hope the happy feeling comes across and make the owner of my paintings experience some joy.

This one is 24×36″ gallery wrap. I have attached photos of the progression and various stages of the work.

Island Bar Coral 24x48Island Bar Coral progisland coral decor

Turtle Bay was so inspiring

Turtle Bay is on the very southern tip of the island of St. Kitts. We were cordially invited to spend the day painting at a new friend’s home on the beach. The island of Nevis is visible in the distance. We swam and enjoyed some rum punches with the family and painted all day. The day got quite windy and the sailboats started coming around the island to anchor. The first boat still had one sail up while they anchored so I took some photos for reference that day. SO glad I did because I really liked the composition.

Again I started with a mixture of browns to sketch in the scene with brushed washes. When that dried, I was able to add some other tints for the basis of the design. I also added the little dock that was just outside of the shot but on other photographs.

In my work, I am trying to explore the feelings I have from an experience and inspiration so adding bright colors and more abstract tendencies work well. My paintings are more in the category of impressionism/expressionism.

Painting is available and would look great with beach decor.

Nevis in DIstance inspNevis in distance progression