Botanical Series

i’ve been thinking about this botanical series for quite a long time and had developed a technique about a decade ago with flexible modeling paste and carving to create interesting detail. After I carve and let the plaster dry for a couple days then I can start painting on it. It’s quite fun.

The B paintings are 36 x 36 and the dragonfly paintings are 24 x 24″ gallery wraps. The top two have sold.

i’ve been working on a large mermaid commissions from Hayhouse in England most of the summer so I needed to take a break every once in a while and go from the sea to the land. I am so concerned about the state of the honeybees and the health of our planet. The bees and insects assist in plant pollination, crops and food which give us life.

Dragonflies also are a favorite subject because they are deemed lucky. They dont live very long but are important in spreading pollen.

Highly Textural painting of ocean

Recently I started to work on a textured semi abstract 36″ x 36″ gallery wrap. First I knifed in the modeling plaster with the shapes of the waves and bubbles sculpted into the plaster. Then after two days of drying I painted the entire canvas with a mixture of Micus oxide and burnt sienna. The following day, I was able to start painting and after many evolutions and tints and painting decisions, I finally completed this after a week.

This painting is available and would make a great piece over a fireplace or dining room.

Small paintings can help with art sales plus are fun to paint

Sometimes, as artists we want to paint but do not have a lot of space to work in or time to tackle a larger project. When I travel, I like to bring smaller canvases (under 12″) and a small set of paints and brushes. Being able to have some quiet time to paint is so precious.

I usually have a dozen small paintings at the galleries and shops that represent me and find that they sell quite well because of their affordability, they take up less space on a wall and also make nice gifts. Here are some recent “smalls”.  They sell for $45-125. depending on size and complexity.  Check out Village Arts in Ponte Vedra; Atlantic Beach Arts Market in Atlantic Beach, FL., McIntosh Art Gallery, Darien, Georgia; Gallery 725 in Atlantic Beach; MOS in Jacksonville Beach, FL. Find a small jewel?

Tropical fantasies

Since I am just about to depart on a painting retreat for a week in St. Kitts, organized by my dear friend and fellow artist, Beth Haizlip…I have been in a tropical island mood. The scene was entirely made up but have glints of other island paintings that I have done recently. It takes many paintings to work out an idea and then coming up with plans for execution of the idea. Painting is not just “willy nilly” dabbing paint on a canvas. Each layer must be strategized and analyzed. I am trying to have each stroke of the brush be deliberate. There are layers of glazes in various colors between the wet brush strokes.

“Perfect Evening” is 40x16x1.5″ gallery wrap

Perfect Evening 40x16Perfect Evening detail

“Sunset Moonrise” is 40x30x1.5″ and expands on the idea of the previous work. I find the scene quite romantic as lovers stand on the porch of a little island cottage, watching the moon rise as the sun sets.

Sunset Moonrise 40x30


Sunset Moonrise moonSunset Moonrise ship

Three Mermaid Paintings tweaked

Over the holidays, I had a bit of time to review paintings I had done in 2018 and decided to make a few changes in these three paintings. Sometimes, when I think a piece is completed, later on, I will notice something that bugs the heck out of me. SO, redoing the parts that could be improved is a good thing.

“Ginger Dreams” is a 40x30x1.5″ gallery wrap.

ginger dreams 40x30ginger dreams faceginger dreams orig

“Harmony” 40×30″ had an awkward bend to her tail so I fixed that, added jewelry to this whimsical painting.

harmony 40x30harmony faceharmony origi

“Twilight” is a 24×48″ painting that I had done last summer and felt that it was too dark. Repainting all of her skin and adding more light to the water was nearly like starting over. Her face changed in the process which took several days for the new personality to emerge.

twilight 48x24twilight detailtwilight facetwilight seaweedtwilight original

Tweaking older paintings

“Along the Shore” 40×30″ was originally done a couple years ago. After a couple more years of painting experience under my belt, I see things in my work that need improvements. Because my paintings are varnished, I cannot just paint over them unless I put a clear gesso on first. Wait a day to dry and you will notice a rather rough feeling on the surface. This allows you to revise any areas yet still keep the areas you like. After its revised, I varnish again.

Along the shore decorsAlong the Shore detail

Along the Shore B 30x40

This is the older painting for comparison. I do like the changes. Thoughts?

Along the Shore original

Sandpiper painting for beach decor

“Little Rebel III” is part of the Little Rebel sandpiper paintings. I have always been independent in nature so I relate to this message of the series.  I remember my mom getting frustrated with me because I wanted to figure things out on my own.

Always one little piper going in the opposite direction. This original is 30×40″ and is available for purchase. It would be perfect in a beach themed home.

Little Rebel III 30x40Little reb detail2

New Mermaid Painting completed

Over the last couple of weeks I have been working on this mermaid. I had watched a Pirates of the Caribbean movie (the one with mermaids) and wanted to paint a scene with the mermaid on rocks above the water and the ship in the distance. The end of the day sunset through the clouds made her darker and in the shadows and since I made up the entire scene, I had to figure out where the light would hit her. The blues of the water uplit the shadows of her skin with blue tones. I started with a large canvas 30×48″ and primed it with black gesso. Then slowly worked in the lights.

Sometimes, I take cell photos during the weeks of painting to see where I was going with my original idea. The face is usually the hardest because every brush stroke changes who she looks like. There is always a time where “she” emerges and I say to myself “There you are”!  Below is a link to a slideshow of this mermaid paintings progress.

A Ship in the Distance 30x48

a ship detailA ship face



Beach Landscape sold to a collector moving to Virginia

“Waves at Dusk” was recently sold through Archway Gallery in Atlantic Beach. The couple will be moving from the beaches to Virginia and are taking a bit of the local beach with them. I usually ask that a collector send me a photo of my work on the wall so I can see how it looks with their furniture and decor but since it was sold through a gallery, I won’t get to see it on their wall. The painting was 36×24″ gallery wrap but they will be framing it.

Waves at Dusk 36x24