Under the Sea

One of the commissions I worked on this summer was an underwater scene a couple in Palm Valley. I had to build a canvas from scratch because it was an odd size 60”x 28”. I haven’t stretched for years because I usually buy them pre-stretched it was a lot more work than I expected or remembered.

All three paintings are mine

Tracy and Bill have been so lovely to me over the years and I was happy to create this last commission for them. During the process I took it over to see how it looked with her furniture and then added more teal and little touches a beige.

Ocean wave series

during Covid this summer and staying home I’ve had a lot of time to explore different ideas in my art. I started getting up before sunrise, scootering to the beach and watching a sunrise with a girlfriend or two. …and sometimes swimming.

The mornings that the water was calm was super magical. To be swimming in the ocean with the sky the same color as the reflection on the top of the water felt like we were floating on clouds. so I’ve been working on the inspiration of trying to create paintings that reflect that experience. I also discovered that our water color in North Florida is not blue but has tones of greens and brown.


I will continue with this collection as soon as I am able. If you or someone you know would like to put a little salt air on their walls, just ask. Thanks so very much.


Nearly 2 weeks ago I was at a stoplight on my scooter and hit by a car so I am laid up for the next couple months with a broken knee. Tibia plateau fracture.

Frida and i have to paint from bed…

Mermaid transforms

After months of letting this painting rest, I decided to dive back in and create more detail in the undersea background. Also I was not happy with this asian siren’s tail so changed it. Adding seaweed and fish gave “Dorian” a more interesting finish.

Originally I wanted her to be surrounded in darkness since she is in the deeper waters.

A friend of mine who is a clay artist remarked that it’s so cool that you can keep changing a painting whereas once a piece of clay has been fired it’s done. This painting is 48 x 36″. acrylic , gallery wrap. 


As an older woman I still like to swim in the ocean and do a little boogie boarding. When you were out past the waves you see the ocean little bit differently as the light hits the crest of the waves changing the colors. In the reflections on the top of the water are different colors in the water itself. Noticing these little differences and then trying to capture that with paint is definitely a challenge. I worked in acrylic which does not blend as well as the oils but I think it works…anyway I am happy with the results.

“Uplifting” is 30×30″ gallery wrap 1.5″ width requires no frame. 

Mermaid with Baby

“Underwater Madonna” is 48 x 30″ gallery wrap acrylic painting. I actually started this painting last fall but set it aside until I could complete the painting. Sometimes as days go by working on areas of a large canvas, one may get lost in the details and not even notice issues that need corrections. Giving some space allows you to analyze freshly. Since I made the entire scene up, there were issues with light and also her form.