Creating a series… Surf

Over the years of painting I’ve discovered that working on a series really helps with exploration and taking risks. I like to do several very similar paintings in different sizes and different shapes while exploring an idea. This allows for experimentation and going beyond your comfort level …since you’ve already worked on your original idea.

After being immersed in my highly texture fish series, which were done on very horizontal skinny gallery wraps and also being inspired by watching the surf when i get to the beach, I thought that these long skinny panels would work well.

36×12″ canvases worked perfectly. Also on this series i wanted to use heavy metallic golds and thick modeling plaster fir drama and interest.

I also did some smalls and mini surf paintings.

Holiday paintings for Gifts

This small 8×8 cow painting was requested by a friend to paint for her niece. 3 days before Christmas. No pressure? I painted two cows for her.

Calf 8x8

This is a painting of my grandson who is 19 months old and resides in England. I surprised the kids with this painting inspired by a photo they shot of him at the Dover Shore, splashing in his yellow wellies.

Cole at the ShoreCow in field 8x8

My friends, the Cummings, who have three awesome dogs will be moving in a year and I wanted to create a painting of their fur babies on the beach.

Madison Bucky Ernestine 20x16

“Marshy” was a commission for a gift to send to New York.

Marshy 18x12

“Abbey” was painted as a gift to a dear friend. This is her beloved dog and I thought I would surprise her.

Pam puppy

Going Fishing?

I have been working on this Gone Fishing series this month. They are fun works with heavy texture and gestural brush strokes. Most are 20 x10″ gallery wraps but some are 24×12″ or 36×12″.

A perfect gift for that fisherman in your life.

Holiday Gifts with Artwork

Christmas is upon us and the stress of shopping and getting ready for the big day is sometimes a little much. I thought I would let you know about various products you could order with my artwork printed on them from my website. They can print towels and tapestries, tote bags, cell phone covers, pillows, shower curtains and various other products.

Ocean fish paintings

After my botanical series, I wanted to get back into the sea and work on an ocean fishes series. (also including other fishing landscapes). Possibly there are fishermen in your life that would love to have a painting with fish?

These are small accent paintings with texture, thick paints, splatters and impressionistic styling. Because of the semi abstract nature of the work, I can really stretch my imagination and add colors as i create…..Fun!!! Most gallery wraps are 10×20″ and 12×24″ in this series.

Hook one up before they swim away.

The beach as inspiration

Last summer I started riding my scooter out early in the morning to watch the sunrise on the beach several times a week. The skies changed every few minutes and nature provides skies that are absolutely glorious.

Now that it’s getting cooler it’s more of a challenge to bundle up but I’m always happy once I’m there. It really changes how you feel when you witness the changing sky, the smell of the salt air, the sound of the waves and the birds peeping along the shore.

I thought some of my photos of the sunrise would be lovely limited edition prints.

Printed on archival art papers and framed. On demand.

More Botanical paintings

I have been having so much fun with this series of beneficial insects. I find that there are more free-form ideas and color combinations. Each time I do a small one, I tried a different technique… so they’re rather fun and good opportunity for exploration.

“Butterfly Life” is 30×30″ with a lot of carved sculptural elements. It will be advertised on my website.

Also doing some small 6″ gallery wrap paintings. They make great gifts.

I dont advertise my little gallery wrap paintings but have them for sale at various shops and galleries. If you are ever interested in any work that you see in my blog, please feel free to chat with me about it.

From sketches to paint on canvas

I have been working on a project commission by a company in England all summer and creating new works . Each needed be approved by the author and the publisher. The author would give me ideas on what she wanted in the scene and I created several sketches before starting any work. For instance, she wanted a Jamaican mermaid sitting next to a treasure chest with coins floating and jewels all around…representing abundance. She wanted pearls in her hair and golden light shining down the water around her. 

This is the sketch that was approved.

Here is the final painting 48×36″ and will be available for sale during the international launching of the collectible cards in Spring of 2020.

Its been a very intense summer as I had many paintings to complete by an October date. It actually consumed me as I worked long hours and sometimes even evenings. Its good to have the project nearly completed.

Botanical Series

i’ve been thinking about this botanical series for quite a long time and had developed a technique about a decade ago with flexible modeling paste and carving to create interesting detail. After I carve and let the plaster dry for a couple days then I can start painting on it. It’s quite fun.

The B paintings are 36 x 36 and the dragonfly paintings are 24 x 24″ gallery wraps. The top two have sold.

i’ve been working on a large mermaid commissions from Hayhouse in England most of the summer so I needed to take a break every once in a while and go from the sea to the land. I am so concerned about the state of the honeybees and the health of our planet. The bees and insects assist in plant pollination, crops and food which give us life.

Dragonflies also are a favorite subject because they are deemed lucky. They dont live very long but are important in spreading pollen.