Creating a coffee table book of my paintings

A month ago I had an opportunity how to get a hefty discount on a coffee table book from Saal printing if I critiqued their software and also the final printed book. Even though I was recovering from a broken knee I decided to sit at my computer for several days to get this designed. I had wanted to showcase my underwater paintings as a book for my living room table. First I had to organize which paintings I wanted to put in the book and how it was going to lay out. I put them in a folder on my computer ready for uploading to their software. But before I did that, I did thumbnail contact sheets of each painting and taped them onto a layout spreadsheet so I knew what we’re on each page. There was a couple hundred paintings to deal with so doing this made the project easier in the long run. The software was actually very well done.

The final book was 12 x 12″ and about an inch thick with a quarter inch acrylic cover and leather back cover and binding. They did a wonderful job printing and really matched the artwork well. Each page was a glossy thick lay flat presentation. For several hundred dollars you want this to be top notch and it was.

here are some of the pages

2 thoughts on “Creating a coffee table book of my paintings


    Jody Hagedorn
    The Lavender Trellis
    770-499-0952 (main)
    404-863-3554 (cell)
    770-499-0447 (fax)

    Life isn’t about how to survive the storm, but how to dance in the rain.


    • I didn’t have any intention of making up multiple copies but I will check into the printer to see how much I can get these for. This was a custom one but now that it’s designed I would just charge whatever the printer charges me. It’s 76 pages


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