From sketches to paint on canvas

I have been working on a project commission by a company in England all summer and creating new works . Each needed be approved by the author and the publisher. The author would give me ideas on what she wanted in the scene and I created several sketches before starting any work. For instance, she wanted a Jamaican mermaid sitting next to a treasure chest with coins floating and jewels all around…representing abundance. She wanted pearls in her hair and golden light shining down the water around her. 

This is the sketch that was approved.

Here is the final painting 48×36″ and will be available for sale during the international launching of the collectible cards in Spring of 2020.

Its been a very intense summer as I had many paintings to complete by an October date. It actually consumed me as I worked long hours and sometimes even evenings. Its good to have the project nearly completed.

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