Sketches for upcoming commission

Earlier this year I landed a nice commission with a company in England producing collectible mermaid oracle cards that will sell internationally. For the last several months I’ve been working on the paintings for the cards and I’m down to the last 10. First, I have to sketch from the authors ideas and send to the agent, Publisher, marketing etc to be approved.

Sometimes this process takes a while and meanwhile the clock is ticking. I tried to do a couple paintings while my agent was on vacation without the sketch being approved first and now I have to redo. The marketing group and author added 6 additional cards last week and my deadline was stretched only by a couple weeks. Pressure to create 10 completed large paintings in 6 weeks is a bit intense to say the least. since I do have a marketing background myself I do understand how it works when there’s approvals by committees. on top of this I’m having my master bathroom rehabbed this month. Fortunately, my studio is a separate building in the back yard so I can escape the dust and construction noise.

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