Hurricane Dorian becomes a lesson in patience

for over a week the main concern in my household was getting prepared for hurricane Dorian. For a while it was a category four and five and was destined to hit our coast pretty hard. My son came out from Melbourne Florida to help and to be here for the weekend. All my yard mobiles, flower baskets, yard furniture, generator primed, food and water stocked….all checked off my list.

on the good side, my husband and my son and I had a good time playing scrabble, dominoes, cooking together, and taking walks in the beach in between rains. I found that being in my studio calmed me down from being so darn antsy. …it was a week of ultra nerve-racking stress and highly creative hours in the studio. Mandatory evacuation ordered but very few friends left the island. i’m on a 20 foot oak hammock and have never had any issues with flooding.

One thought on “Hurricane Dorian becomes a lesson in patience

  1. Linda,

    This was a lesson in patience. Don and I stayed and think the worse has passed us. Getting ready to watch the 5 pm update.

    Glad everything went well for you!



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