An Artists Studio

My studio space is also my happy place. It is filled with some of my favorite antiques and art books. I have my desk that originally belonged to my grandmother and that I used during high school and college, photos of my sons and family, my great grandmothers sewing basket  table and my old drafting table from when I was a Graphic Designer. There is just enough space for two large easels and all of my art supplies. I have organized them in labeled baskets and bins for easy access. It’s even more special to me since my husband built this studio in the backyard a decade ago. It is 10 x 14 feet with two skylights letting the natural light come in, four windows and a door with window light. I can look outside into my garden and listen to the birds as I paint.
I feel strongly that every artist embeds a bit of themselves into each painting so it’s important to be in a good mood since happy energy shows in the artwork. Music is also a big influence in my painting experience…a little rock, country, opera, indy and reggae add to the atmosphere.
As a full time artist, I paint at least 5 days a week so its important to have a space that is comfortable and inspiring. I am so thankful to have my little “She Shed” art studio. 

Years ago I painted the cracked cement pad in my backyard. Every few years I freshen it up a bit.

Art projects, candles and family pictures add to my visual enjoyment.

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