Mermaid painting completed for gallery in West Indies

“Close to the Surface” is a very large mermaid painting requested by Dales Original Art Gallery in Christophe Harbour on the island of St. Kitts. It is 60×48″ so will be stunning in a large room. I worked from dark to light in acrylics, starting with black gesso on the raw canvas.

Shipping is a big issue when shipping internationally so I purchased a large roll of primed premium canvas and stapled it to an existing stretched canvas for stability. Once completed, I pulled the staples out and rolled it on the large tube that the canvas came in with archival paper. Then, I discovered that tubes are a hard thing to obtain. I had gone to many stores trying to find a shipping roll that would house a 50″ canvas. UPS, UHAUL boxes, Box &Movers, Staples, Office Depot, Target, Home Depot….no luck. You can purchase them online but have to get quantities of 5.

After showing the gallery this painting, I was invited to share an international show in February with two other women artists: One from London and one from ST. Kitts. Its a show celebrating women and will be highlighting nudes. Then I thought since its so expensive to ship anything internationally and so difficult to find long shipping tubes, that I had better get going to complete two other large canvases to ship within the same tube. At this posting, one of the new ones is nearly completed and the third one is started.

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