Tide with Baby Sea Turtle

Recently sold this 36×24″ painting called ” Baby Sea Turtle in Shallows” to an art collector in Oregon. It was purchased through my Saatchi Art site. Saatchi is an online art gallery based in the UK and promotes worldwide. Its been a great site for me and I have new followers and collectors around the world. I have shipped paintings to Germany, England, France, Australia, St Croix and all over the United States. They take 35% of the sale which is better than the art galleries (50%). Think of this. When you purchase a painting from a gallery, only 50% goes to the artist. And from that the artist has expensive paint and supplies invested. On the other hand, a gallery or online gallery does support the artist, gives them exposure by advertising and doing the sales part so they should take a commission. Its hard enough concentrating on doing the art and adding the marketing and sales on top is frankly overwhelming. I am grateful for their help in getting my work exposure.


Baby Turtle in Shallows 24x36 sold

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