Pineapple Series

I am starting a series of dimensional paintings of pineapples. I actually went to the grocery to buy a pineapple to sketch from and after doing the octopus paintings with the dimensional plaster carved on the drawing, more exploration was challenging me. Most of the joy in painting for me are the challenges that ensue from ideas and visions I have. I actually plan out the various steps and allow for drying and new layers. To get a certain effect, you need to be patient and allow for the experimentation to occur. You can see how I wiped off the glazes over the dried plaster to create more interest. This is 12×24″ on wood panel and will eventually have a box floating frame.

I do enjoy sculpting into the plaster and using palette knives. AT this time a blue version is in the works.

SYMBOLISM: Any guest who was invited to a party where a whole pineapple was displayed, knew that no expense was spared in guaranteeing the guests’ enjoyment. It was this that made the crowned fruit the high symbol of social events and became the meaning of welcome, friendship, and hospitality.

Terra Cotta Pineapple


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