San Diego Vacation mixed with painting

I just got back from a great vacation in San Diego with various family members. We stayed with my sister in Pt. Loma and spent time with my brother in La Jolla as well as Nieces and nephews who live in the area. I also wanted to do a painting lesson to my great niece and nephew at their house. They had lost their mom (my niece) last summer in an accident so it was very special for me to spend time with her cool kids.  It turned out that they have talent so I hope they continue.

We had a group birthday party at the end of the trip where some cousins and family from central California drove down and a niece flew in from Denver. Knowing that they were coming, I headed for an art supply store ($140.00 later) for more paint and canvases…and set myself up in the den at my sisters house and painted for a week and a half to be able to give paintings to my family. I knew I would want to paint on this trip so had brought some canvases, paint, and brushes. At the party, they got to choose which painting they wanted. It is difficult to choose what someone else would like so I had to do enough to allow for choices. It ended up that all of them were chosen.

Family giftsPainting areaPaintings chosenteaching kids

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