Octopus Blue ~ Painting

Its odd how ideas occur. I was looking at the distressed door to my studio with its paint scratchy and rough looking and had just finished some underwater landscapes in the last few months (between the beach and sandpipers and mermaids)….when an inspiration arose. I sketched out my octopus design and mentally mapped out how to achieve my vision. Many stages of different materials which all have one to three days of drying time between layers needed to be planed for. First I took a white gesso 36″ square gallery wrap.

Painting the entire large canvas with palette knives and modeling plaster (or you can use joint compound form the hardware store) took the good part of the first day. Let that dry for 3 days because it was thick in some areas.

Then I made a mixture of copper and gold acrylic paint and painted the entire dried surface. Before it got completely dry, I took a bunch of towels and rags and gently wiped it back a bit. Then I made a mixture of different whites to dry brush over the dried metallic surface. After that the painting evolved with some large brush glazes of thinned colors over the octopus. Let that dry a few days.

Finally, I spent four days with various palette knives and heavy mixed paints creating the coloring and texture enhancing. With thick paints, let each layer dry a day for nicer jutsapositions of colors.

Enjoy “Octopus Blue”.

Inquire for more information on this piece.

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